Simply, a place of Comfort, Solace, Security and Strength. A home is not necessarily an abode built with bricks and woods to live in or high standard mansion. It could be in someone’s presence, a bond of true friends, in someone’s smile or voice, your job, in music, in sports, some find home in social media. Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong.

You call that one man on the phone, he picks up with the mildest tone and say “I hope you are fine?” and you reply “I just called to hear your voice”. There’s a certain relief, satisfaction and energy your spirit get just under the sound of his voice and all you need is to hear him talk and you’re fine, that is your Home. 

That particular genre of music or song is the only thing that makes you feel hopeful and bright again. When it beats, it takes you back to memory lane and you begin to reflect on the reasons behind your struggle and the need not to give up on your dreams. You see your present situation as a stepping stone, feeling the zeal and a hope for victory once you listen to that song; it is your Home. Little wonder why Lucky Dube said “I’m going back to my root, reggae music is all that I need” 

Most importantly where your dreams are found, nurtured, established and exhibited without fear or favour. You fail a thousand times and you are always given an opportunity to try over again until you get it right. Successful athletes spend almost everyday of their lives in training; possibly in game situation and in no game time. Not only does training gets them fit and prepared but it gives them satisfaction and fulfilment, they feel and know that is what they are born for; not just because of fame and money. Even till death, Micheal Jordan is to basketball as basketball is to Michael Jordan, that is ever home.

You can’t just let a day pass by without praying because that is your source of strength and encouragement. When you perform the act, everything seems alright and new again. Having a spiritual connection in your faith is inevitable in your daily living; that is a good home you have got. Hitting up the classroom by 7:45am and couldn’t find your only best friend, definitely for you there’s no day. In fact, you never came to school and the lectures sounds like bitter fairytale. Your mind and spirit are not just at home, not until he/she shows up. Their presence is like the sunrise that brightens your day and your soul is like a seed planted by the riverside, lively and fruitful. 

And why do wealthy couples who live in nice buildings, drive flashy and expensive cars, own multi-million businesses and all that could be regarded as comfortable and alluring before a man; and still go through divorce? It’s simple, in the midst of all they own, they have got no Home. Home is where love resides, laughter is plentiful, friends always belong, memories are created and love never dies. Some people leave there houses and travel the whole world just to find a home.

A Home Is Simply Where Your Heart Belongs.

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