The Christmas season is a quite flourishing and expository one, filled with celebrations, events and lovely exhibitions. People having nice looks, decent outfits and some in showy appearances not just in clothing, shoes, and jewelries but most importantly nice haircuts for the men. A man’s pocket might not seem attractive but an alluring haircut can light up the flames of attention in his peers and ladies.

Black men tend to have fast growing hair, hence requires steady attention for good upkeep. Here are some alluring haircuts for men to try out, suitable for the yuletide.

Line Up Haircut : A buzz cut and line up is a simple and popular short haircut usually paired with a taper fade on the sides. It gives a straight and optimistic mindset. Always perfect for men on suit. 


Temple Fade With Sponge Twists: This has been common and favourite among black men. The perfect beard carve gives it a sharp and matured look. 


Faux Hawk Fade: Awesome on a grown bushy hair with curls, the dragon design on the side makes the faux hawk fade a hot look for any guy with thick curls. A gold spray is always nice on the top middle. 


Low Fade With Twists: Sure to impress anywhere! The low skin fade, line up and short spongy twists offers young black men a modern look with dot earrings. It’s a straight up. 


Line Up With Waves: Make it low and cool. Adding waves to any buzz cut and thick full beard gives a classy and trendy look. Always Gentle! 


Faux Hawk With Blonde Sponge Twists: Gold and Black Colour. Always flashy like football stars. Suitable on all white top, jean trousers and shoes. 


Line Up Taper: On swift dread, side fades, and jaw beard. Giving you a famous hip-hop star look. 


Skin Fade With Waves: The low cut with skin sides fades and simple beard carve gives men a refreshing look. 


Taper and Hard Path With Wave Cut: Black jelly wave, straight hard path and taper cut is alluring and beard shape quite cute. Men can look more attractive than women on this. 


High Fade With Disconnected Part: This is a simple but thick haircut, which can gives a total different and positive mindset. You’re always welcome! 


Curly Faux Hawk: It’s quite bushy but the side fade and tail design won’t let you get your eyes off it. A little brown or white spray makes it extraordinary.  


Flat Top: A tall but flat top always gives you total face a straight shape. With two short lines beside, you are good to go!. 


Low Skin Fade: A low skin fade with single hard zigzag path like a stream line makes you unique. 


High Fade With Curls: High fade, make it curl, spray it white and the light curve path gives it a mouth. Don’t forget your silver dot earrings. 


Fro Fade With Beard: Give it an Afro skin fade and a cone beard cut. The ‘V’makes you Visual. 


Medium Fade With Medium Length Dreads: Light it up with dread and mid fades. Always keep them abreast with your glasses on. 

Ladies Haven’t Seen Anything Yet, Men Are Taking Over This Season…

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